Dzerzhinsky Street is being intensively prepared for the opening. Probably, cars will go on it on Friday. Significant forces of road services are now concentrated on Dzerzhinsky Street, where almost a kilometer of the road is being renovated. On the street, there are three asphalt pavers, several rollers and a dozen MAZ trucks. According to the plan, “Remstroyavtodor” should open the road early in the morning of July 3, but the builders are going to allow cars to move earlier. AvtoGrodno prepared a report. Video of how work is going on on Dzerzhinsky Street in Grodno: The street is closed to traffic from the intersection with Ostrovsky to the Dubko ring. “We will try to open traffic for passenger cars on Friday, July 2,” specialists from Remstroyavtodor told AvtoGrodno. – Will it be a temporary opening, that is, you will have to close the street again for the second layer in a month? – There will be no second closure on Dzerzhinsky. We lay asphalt at a time, – explained the road workers. The correspondent of AvtoGrodno visited the facility at lunchtime, but some of the road workers continued to work at the same time. The heat from the fresh asphalt is felt even on the sidewalk. It is difficult to imagine how road builders endure such weather conditions. As the management of the organization explained to us, the builders are regularly supplied with cold water. Future plans. – Where will you lay the asphalt after Dzerzhinsky Street? – From next week we will continue to work on Boldin and Vesennyaya streets. True, the question of whether the street will be closed in full or in part is now being decided. For a partial overlap, there is a problem: the length of the trolleybus rods may not be enough for the trolleybuses to move to the left lane. This task is now being discussed, – said AvtoGrodno in Remstroyavtodor. // Reprint of the material and its fragments with the permission of the publisher.

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