Auto door closers

Auto Door Closers.

What is an auto door closer, how to install it, and why put it. What is automotive door closer, how to install, and why put it.

I think every motorist has faced the situation where the door of his stud steel door did not lock tightly, then you have to open it again and closed with a stronger force. It is very awkward when, after installing the alarm, you notice this, then you have to take off the alarm, close the door and put it back on the alarm.

What is an auto door closer.

Not uncommon in cars when the back doors are closed or in massive SUVs. In order to get rid of such a nasty thing, developed a car door closers for tight closing doors.

Thanks to the installation of such a device, you do not have to open and close the car door again. Similar closers have long been installed at the car premium class and have earned the prestige of many car owners. But still, not all cars are installed door closers based on the conviction of their price and physical ability to.

Speaking of the premium cars, this system is often found in Bmw, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others.

Door closer operation mechanism.

The mechanism of door closer work is very simple, it brings not closed door to the closed state. Door closer works after the car door was closed at the first latch of the regular car regular lock. Thanks to a sensor door position, the system recognizes whether the lock is completely closed or not.

As the car door has clicked on the first latch of the regular lock, triggered sensor door closer and its actuator, then the mechanism closes the door to a suitable condition.

It is worth seeing that the door closer is not an additional lock, because it can not fix the door or keep it in a constant closed position, it only pulls not closed door. Keep in mind that the normal mechanism should be one hundred percent operational and there should be no faults or defects in the closing. Otherwise the system simply will not work correctly.

How to install door closers.

First let us look at what the mechanism consists of. The first thing that turns out to be obvious is the electric motor that assists in door pulling. Next executive mechanism that is installed in the door. Electric control box, door sensor, drive wire and roller holder.

Installation of the entire system begins with the removal of the door trim. If the car has electric mirrors or power windows, it is worth carefully write down or understand the location of contacts, so that later do not have to remove again. In the worst case, you can re-solder the control system.

After removing the trim panel set the electric actuator on a free place so that the pulling link would be oriented to the door lock. This will reduce the resistance force when the door closer works. Screw the electric drive should be firmly, because it specifically he will take on all the force at dovodka car door. The cable to transmit the force, put from the working mechanism of regular lock and electric drive, in a way that does not interfere with other mechanisms and better not cross with them.

At the door above the lock sensor is placed, which, when combined with a magnet (also placed on the rack of the car opposite the sensor) is triggered and gives a signal to start the entire mechanism door closer. It is worth keeping in mind that the magnet and sensor should be installed exactly one opposite the other. For this purpose it is useful to drill two holes in the car body and door.

All electronics and the sensor are connected to the control unit, which controls the work of door closer and transmits all the signals to the mechanisms. The control unit is connected to a common 12 volt power supply. Closing the door is quite a one to 2.5 seconds. The control unit is also worth thoroughly fixed to the body of the door, because at the most inopportune time will wiggle and create a nasty sound. After that you will have to remove the trim again.

After installing all devices should test their performance, close the door a little bit, and in front of your eyes it should automatically close by itself. Next, install the door trim at the back. Thus, it is worth bypassing each door, which will be installed door closer.

Closer manufacturers.

Not counting the regular closers that are installed at dealerships and not for small money, there are moreover universal door closers of recognized manufacturers, the advantage of such closers is the small price and the possibility to install without the aid of others.

Since the least recognized companies consider Dorma, Ryobi, Abloy, the price of the first set of the company is from $ 100 10, but they are all based on the base SlamStop, but according to users is much more terrible unusual car door closer.

The cost of door closers.

Universality lies in the fact that you can install it on virtually any brand and model, the installation price with the equipment is from thirteen thousand 500 rubles per door, it depends on the property and office producer. Compared with dealer centers brands Bmv, Audi, Mercedes-Benz installation of such additions can cost per door from 30 5 000 rubles to 100 000 rubles.

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