Toyota Vista two thousand two reviews

Toyota Vista – two thousand two – review.

Not so long ago, wrote about his own car, and I am surprisingly very liked it, so I decided to write about the car spouse. I write with an untarnished conscience, because I often use it and my worldview of her I have formed.

We got this car two years ago. My spouse’s second car, the first was Toyota Marino. Sold it and decided to take something more powerful and higher. I had a few options within my budget, but decided on Vista. Looked at, tested and because at first she fell in love with, in fact, it and the choice fell down. And not in vain!

It’s just a good car, in the near future are going to move to another city and is a question of taking it with, so much so that we like it.

I am by no means an expert, so please be prepared for your usual amateur opinion.

Price: we got it for three hundred and thirty thousand rubles.

Year of manufacture: two thousand two years.

Motor power kW.

Движок: 1zz.

For me, a person who has been driving a low car for four years, the most important plus and argument is the high ground clearance and cross-country ability. In the car set a 2-cm spacer, which significantly increases ground clearance, and plus, in the beginning of the car were discs fifteen size, we changed to sixteen, which also gives a small lift.

In passability we are convinced of every time and again: my husband is a lover of fishing, which leads to constant trips out of town on the lake and river, and there is clearly off-road. The car copes with it very well, getting out of different impassable places. Well, here of course 50% depends on abilities of the driver, but still.

I also wish to note that one of the strong advantages not directly this model, but in general offices of Toyota is the availability of spare parts, at least for the Far East. And the fact that usually cars of this company do not lose value when selling.

Of the disadvantages I can note that the dashboard in the car is in the center and it is electric. Because of my poor eyesight small numbers on it sometimes cause discomfort, of course all the actual fundamental characteristics are perfectly visible but some temperature and the like at times disappear from my field of vision. But this is only a minus for me, because I got used to the fact that in my car it was in front of the drivers and was mechanical. So it’s just a matter of habit. Having driven the Vista a little bit, I was getting used to the March and vice versa. And by the way to the minus because of the habit and carry a box: for me it was very uncomfortable that the box is on the steering wheel, I had the constant feeling that I’m grabbing the turn signal, but this feeling is quickly disappeared.

But what continues to grieve me a little is the handbrake, which in Vista "The stalker is" because it’s near the pedals. Thank God I did not have to use the critical braking, but I understand that if I suddenly have to resort to him phew pow pow pow, I will not know where it is.

At this point, I honestly would like to tell more and more informative, but I’m still a lady, so I can only talk about the car from a female point of view. Therefore I apologize in advance.

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